By Mathias Rosenzweig

Needless to say, there are a lot of songs about love. Although we never tire of it, everyone can name songs about falling in love, falling out of love, falling back in love, hating love, never being in love in the first place, etc. While it doesn’t really get old, it’s not exactly unexplored territory, either.

LA-based band The Bad Years find a few ways to keep things interesting and original in their brand new video for the track “Common Mistake.” First of all, Aaron Mort (former bassist for Stone Foxes) and Sami Akbari (previously known as Sami the Great) are an actual couple, which adds a level of authenticity and transparency beyond the norm.

Additionally, the two portray a highly polarized balance of the goods and evils of love— represented by flowers falling from the sky alongside bones, or the two musicians staring coldly but calmly into each other’s eyes, only to be broken by glimpses of more hostile maneuvers between them with a rope.

The somewhat twisted video explores suppression and aggression but avoids any sort of middle ground until its end, where the two crack what appears to be candid smiles.


jacob mcclure